The Daily Decrypt
The Daily Decrypt
Data Protection, Diplomatic Deceptions, and Mac Malware: Today's Cybersecurity Landscape

In this episode of The Daily Decrypt, we dive into a trio of intriguing cybersecurity topics. We begin with an exploration of a significant new executive order that prohibits the mass sale of personal data to countries like China and Russia, a move aimed at bolstering both privacy and national security. The discussion then shifts to a clever ploy involving cyber attackers who use wine tasting invitations to ensnare EU diplomats, demonstrating a unique blend of cultural allure and espionage. Finally, we delve into the sophisticated world of cybercrime, examining how seemingly innocuous calendar meeting links are being weaponized to spread Mac malware, highlighting the evolving and intricate tactics of modern cybercriminals.

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Thanks to Jered Jones for providing the music for this episode.

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